it’s not curiosity that killed the cat

“we’re all born creative, it takes a little while to become afraid.” – Seth Godin’s blog today

i’ll add to that, once afraid we may internally embrace mediocrity. we take fewer and fewer risks. we talk down the rising tide of inquiry and curiosity. we begin to believe that curiosity is risk, risk is dangerous and danger is death. no, we’ll stay settled in our lives of quiet desperation. there it’s safe and predictable. maybe it feels secure. regardless, it’s comfortable and fosters belief that curiosity, risk, boldness and creativity are dangerous.

“curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.”

curiosity may bring death, pain or failure. that’s a realistic possibility of risk, creativity, entrepreneurship, exploring or any adventure as well.  but these things can also bring life. great life.

we might as well work to satisfy curiosity so that life is experienced in its fullness. maybe that’s what the last part of the adage means. maybe satisfying curiosity can bring us back to life.

let this old statement not be a warning against risk, but a reminder that sayings like this exist because it’s an uphill battle to shake off fear and mediocrity to lean into your curiosity, creativity and potentiality. it’s just possible that it’s curiosity that brings the cat back to life.

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