mediocrity fatigue

“life’s too short to fight the forces of change. life’s too short to hate what you do all day. life’s way too short to make mediocre stuff. and almost everything that’s standard is now viewed as mediocre. is there a difference between average and mediocre? not so much. average stuff is taken for granted, not talked about, and certainly not sought out…defending mediocrity is exhausting.”

 – seth godin

“defending mediocrity is exhausting.” it is. it is seriously torturous. justifying mediocrity is just as tiring. i’m mediocre because i have to make a living. i’m mediocre because i don’t know what to do. i’m mediocre because i have to put food on the table, get out of debt, plan for college, pay the rent, pay the car. why not just admit it? i’m mediocre because of the decisions i’ve made. i’ve chosen to live below my capacity. i’ve chosen to run up debt. i’ve chosen not to be disciplined. sure, life happens. real life happens. emergencies, disasters, trauma, loss, etc. it really does happen and it’s very real. for anyone dealing with substantial life altering events, survival is a top priority. don’t read any of this to be directed at you. it’s directed at the rest of us. those who are making mountains out of mole hills. those who are creating our own problems through poor decisions, accumulating debt and an unwillingness to dream forward into a life that might be better than what we’re doing now.

have you ever applied to jobs you know you’d hate? i have. just reading over the job descriptions makes me want to fall asleep. but i can do those jobs. in fact, i’m pretty good at them. i can piece together a cover letter full of smoke, hot air and b.s. to make it sound like i really want the horrible job. every time i go through a bit of that process something in me dies a little more. it’s that part of me that dreams of a life engaged. a life of heart, soul and mind. a life of color rather than one of lifeless gray. i keep hoping for security, for someone else to take the risk, for someone else to reach out to me. i wait and it’s exhausting. it’s mediocre. it’s average. but if i find it, or more accurately, it finds me i’ll have security. i’ll be safe. but trying to keep that job i can’t stand is exhausting.

seth godin said, “life’s too short to hate what you do all day”. and hating what you do all day sucks the life out of you. you’re fighting chronic mediocrity fatigue and it’s going to take blood, sweat, tears, hope, fear, victory, defeat. it’s going to take feeling. it’s going to take’s going to take bucking the system and leaving the nest. no one’s going to bring you your meal ticket. it’s out there to be found, earned. it’s out there for you. for us. but we have to lean over the edge and take the leap.

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