Thank You Seth Godin

If you haven’t read much of Seth Godin, you’re missing out. He’s been one of my frequent reads as of late. From his older books from the late 90s, Permission Marketing, to his newest, What To Do When It’s Your Turn, he’s impacting so much of the way I see business, the world and myself. He’s challenged me to take risks in what I think about and how I go about thinking. He challenges me to take leaps, try new things, to start. His urging, through his books, is the impetus behind this blog. If you’ve not read him, it’s easy to start small. He blogs every day. His blog post today is on point for me. Check it out. Godin titled it, Are you certain that you’re trapped?

In response to that blog: Making choices and owning outcomes is difficult…until we get used to it. Many of us need traction. I need traction. I’ve sat on the sidelines for too long waiting my turn at times feeling trapped. But when you wait your turn it’s someone else’s fault for not picking you. It’s the market. It’s your boss. It’s timing. It’s so many things. But when you step out, speak up, enter the marketplace you have to own the results.

My wife and I are making more choices and owning the results. It’s definitely a challenge. When we’re no longer hiding we face our fears, but with each step forward we’re finding our footing. We find solid ground and grow in confidence. We hit obstacles and discover we have the ability to endure setbacks and failures. We become more engaged, more inquisitive and more connected. Sounds like the right direction to me.

So, thanks Seth Godin. You’ve pushed me beyond some self inflicted boundaries and it’s getting exciting.

Check out Seth Godin’s blog or any number of his books. I doubt you’ll regret it.

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