Characteristics of People Who Love Their Work

toolsI meet a lot of people who love what they do. It’s inspiring, motivating and encouraging to interact with them. In contrast to my earlier post on hated jobs(here), this group is a ever growing commonality as wild eyed start ups and divergent thinkers surface with regularity in our new economy.

The tools of the trade vary from pencil and paper to needle and thread to words on a screen to experiential design. Some fields include media, education, leadership, art, fashion, finance, social responsibility and literature. Although the day to day work differs greatly, there are commonalities among their diversity.

These people are:

Bold, Creative, Connected, Engaged, Divergent, Thoughtful, Relational, Energized, Supported, Dynamic, Inquisitive, Disciplined, Learners, Readers, Thought Provoking, Emerging, Teachers, Upstream, Explorers, Anchored, Purposeful, Driven, Willing, Resilient, Pioneers, Risk Takers

These characteristics are not simply innate qualities, but learned over time through a history of experience. Where any of us may lack any of these there is opportunity to develop any or each of them by experimenting and developing our own history of success.

Click on a few links below to explore work by people/groups who fit this mold:

Art check out Jake Weidmann

Education check out Anastasis Academy and Forgetting School

Leadership check out Leadership Design Group and Resources for Leading

Experiences check out the Kivu Gap Year

Socially Minded Children’s Clothing check out WildlyCo

People/Authors/Groups Doing Good Work: Andy Braner, John Sowers, Seth Godin , Dry Bones







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