Moving Time

23-moving-dayIt’s moving time! Over the next few weeks we’re in the process of packing up our belongings and heading west. We’re excited, nervous, stressed, hopeful and full of all the mix of emotions that come with a substantial life transition. I have moved a lot. To the point of having described my family as being more nomadic than anything else. You know, hunters and gathers of sorts. I’ve lived in over 35 different houses from coast to coast and north to south across the U.S. Despite how many times I’ve done it, there are still so many logistics to moving. It can get overwhelming. Packing up, finding a house, cleaning an old house, transitioning into a new one, loading and unloading a truck, driving cross country, forwarding mail to a new address, changing addresses on every online account, switching insurance, drivers licenses, car registration and tracking expenses. It’s a lot. On top of that, there’s saying goodbye to an old place and being introduced to a new one. There’s the farewell to old friends and tearful goodbyes with family. Then there’s the introduction to new relationships, new work, new community and the hope of possibilities.

Right now, I’m out west house hunting. It’s been a great process so far. But, this evening I decided to head into the mountains and take some time to hike. Time to get away from keeping up with work and managing logistics. Time to just enjoy what will be our new home. Time to get outside. Time to breathe. Driving into the mountains is something I’ve done countless times before, but it caught me differently today. After my little four cylinder Toyota putted its way over a long highway ascent I was struck by the vast grandeur of the Rockies. I’ve seen that exact view dozens of times before in years previous, but this time it was different. This time, it brought me to joyful tears. Something in me just settled down and thought, “this is home”.



a phone pic from the hike. a cloudy evening, but nice to hike in cool temps up to snow.

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