the-thinker-692959_1280What are you doing today? Wake up. Eat. Brush your teeth. Get the kids ready. Work out. Shower. Get dressed. Go to work. Take the kids to school. Try the new Snapchat filter. Work. Meetings. Phone calls. Emails. Lunch. Haircut. Grocery shopping. Where’s your                                        space? Buy a birthday gift. Call you mom. Pay some bills. Check Instagram. Get a new charger for your phone.Parent-teacher meeting. Cook dinner. Read a few blogs. Help the kids with homework. Reconcile your bank account. Book next month’s trip. Catch up on TV. Prepare a presentation. Finish that proforma. Get the kids ready for bed. Read. A million other things. Get ready bed. Sleep.

Did you see it? The space? It’s there. Right up there. In the previous paragraph. It’s visible. It stands out. It’s visually louder than the words around it. It’s the absence of text that makes it pop. I just held down the space bar for a few seconds and there it was…space. I wish it were that easy in everyday life.

Where’s your space? Don’t have it? Can you find it. Can you create it. Maybe it’s 2 minutes. Maybe it’s 10. Maybe it’s 30 or an hour. Maybe put down the phone, turn off the TV, shut off the music. Go on a walk. Sit with a cup of coffee.

We wanted a big space. So, we sold our house, sold a car and flew to Europe for 7 weeks of space. Now, I know that we’re a bit nuts and that such a trip is not on everyone’s agenda, but it came as a result of building in a lot of small spaces over the past few years and seeing great benefits. Space to learn. Space to grow. Space to slow down. Space to be challenged. Space to connect. Space to dream. Space for adventures big and small.

Start small. You may be surprised where you end up when you create some space. We ended up here in Europe and who knows where it will take us.

One thought on “Space

  1. …glad to know you’ve safely landed. Now I can begin to pray for Europe, knowing that you are over there to straighten things out. Praying often for you and your bride…for safety and exceptional meaning-filled experiences!!! Keep me posted.


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