trailDoes change happened my chance? Sure, at times. There are events in our lives that impact us in such a way that we are no longer the same. But what about intentional change. Losing weight. Learning a language. Simplifying life. Becoming a better spouse. Improving in positivity. Being kind. Starting a business. Getting stronger. Learning how to paint. Training for a race. Being a better friend. What about those kinds of things? Do they happen by chance? Rarely. Most take intention.

I recently read Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith. It’s a good book about moving through the change process written by one of the foremost experts on executive coaching. When reading it, I was reminded that change is most often a discipline.

I believe change to be the resulting end of hard fought discipline. Just by working out I am not necessarily the healthy person I want to be, but by exercising time and time again and eating well I become that healthy person as a result of that effort. Honestly, I was a chunky kid. I hated being heavy. I was picked on at times and really thought low of myself. I really wanted to be fit, but wanting it wasn’t enough. I actually had to do something. I had to apply focus, discipline and effort. Only after the result of months was I no longer heavy, but after years I was a healthy, fit and highly active person, even at times confused for an athlete. Note: being respectively quick over the course of a marathon or a triathlon can lead others to confuse fitness with athleticism…I can manage no sport with a moving ball. It’s led to at least a few embarrassing moments. I’m just not that coordinated.

Desire, motivation, resolve, action, discipline and hard work are necessary for intentional self-driven change. Some change may happen to us, but why wait for the epiphany? Note: those epiphanies are often brutally painful. Don’t wait around for a moment of epiphany when becoming new in an area of your life is just on the other side of hard emotional, relational and/or physical work?

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